Murphy Wood Crafters
Pinetree Shutter by Murphy Wood Crafters
My grandfather came here from Germany and settled in Berlin, Pennsylvania, where he opened his own sawmill.  So I have been influenced by generations of woodworkers.
As a child I grew up by my fathers side in the garage handcrafting trinkets from wood while learning this craft which became a passion.
I find peace and great accomplishent in each and every item I craft.

I hope to transform your ordinary house into a home with it's own character from my unique woodcrafts.
Take a look at the items I craft, each item is crafted and designed with skill and creativity.

I use and work with all different types of wood. 

We now live in Murphy, NC in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.  Where skilled crafts are taught at the John C. Campbell Folk School.

Custom Made Products

Mantle Covers
Cedar Shutters
Pine Shutters
Window Cornices
Address Signs
and much more!

Interior Products
Exterior Products
Gifts & Decor
and more

Your home should be more than just another house.  Why settle for "Off the Shelf" extras that look like all the others.  Let us design and handcraft those extra amenities that give your home that extra character.

Specializing in uniquely designed and handcrafted wood products to add that personal touch to your home.  All projects are custom handcrafted to the customer's requirements.

Exterior products:
Window shutters custom designed and crafted to your specifications that add character to your home.
Address trees that provide more aesthetically pleasing signage in wooded settings.

Interior products:
Window cornices designed and handcrafted to your specifications to add that special personal touch to any window.
Mantle covers to turn that plain mantle into a conversation piece.
Handcrafted medicine cabinets with beveled mirrors to add functionality and a warmer feeling to any bathroom.

Gift and miscellaneous items:
Napkin holders that are each uniquely designed and functional.
Unique craft offerings from local craftsmen.

Other products and services:
Wood decks and walks.
Storage buildings custom built on site.
Assistance with your project planning utilizing AutoCAD.  From the simplest project to Building and Site Construction plans.

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